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Types of Reading

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There are many types of reading. Some people prefer to read fiction, like novels and sci-fi. Other people like to read true stories, like biographies and personal stories. It is fair to say than these types of reading are very different, but each one are very important and very helpful to children and adults.

The first one, fiction, is very important to children because they like to read fairy tales, comics, happy stories. These stories increase them the capacity of imagination, improve there text analysis, and the most important thing, inspire these children to made and read more stories. The fictions are reading by adults too. This practice are very important to help these people to improve their language skills, or just have a great time with a great book .

The second, biographies and personal stories are the type of reading to show true stories for the people. There are many types of biographies, reporting sportsmen, war heroes, presidents, famous people and much more. These stories inspire people in entire world because there are made by real person doing true facts in some time of human history. These facts may be very different, for example, Kelly Slater wins eleven times the World Surfing Championship and be the best surfer in the world, a great done by a sportsmen. Other example totally different is the Day D, when the Allied Troops are landed in France to fight against Nazi Germany in the Second World War.

From everything that was discussed before, it is possible to conclude than the reading is very important for the children as for the adults either fiction or reality. However, i prefer true stories because they reporting true facts. In my opinion biographies and real stories are more exciting than simple tales because they bring more knowledge through the reality to the readers.



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