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Different Types of Friends

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Many people have friends that are different in many ways. Having two best friends that are opposite can be confusing. Have been friends with Jane and Megan for over ten years I have learned a lot about both of them. A trust worthy friend is very important in building a relationship rather that having a disloyal friend who can tear a relationship apart. Jane is a trust worthy friend who you can tell your deepest darkest secrets to, and you wouldn't have to worry about her sharing your secrets with others. Megan is a disloyal friend who you shouldn't share any of your secrets with that you wouldn't want the whole world to know. Anther type of friendship that you may have are acquaintances and guest friends. Acquaintances are friends that you meet in school, or at the gym. Meagan is my acquaintances friend I basically just know her name, and I would never be seen in public hanging out with her. Also you have your guest friends. Jane is the type of friend that I might call up, and say lets have a girls night out. These types of friends are the ones that you don't mind hanging out with in public. Another differences in these friends one is a telephone friend and the other is a sincere friend. Megan is my telephone friend she is someone who calls you all the time, but never wants to meet up face to face out of the work place. Jane is my sincere friend she is someone that I can count on being there for me when i need them. Having different types of friends can be hard at times, but there is always someone who will be there for you.



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