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Uk Vodafone

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In the UK Vodafone are concentrating on four main products and services to enhance their position in the highly competitive mobile phone market. They believe that offering these services to organisations they will be able to take over a substantial amount of the market to enhance their position as the market leader. Vodafone are concentrating on;

Mobile Phones - Vodafone offer a large selection of phones ranging from, simple phones for calls and texts, super tough handsets that cut out background noise, to smart phones that let you check email on the move. They offer all phones with a 24 month warranty and a 24 hour replacement service to ensure you always have access to your phone.

Landlines - Vodafone offer many different landline solutions which can be tailored specifically to the organisations needs. These solutions include: Call handling, Landline calling, data network and connectivity, internet access and IP telephony.

Mobile Broadband - Vodafone offer a comprehensive range of mobile broadband services. It enables the user to have full internet access on the move, on their mobile phones or laptops. This enables the organisation to increase productivity because their staff always have access to emails and ensures they can do their work whilst on the move.

Secure remote access - Vodafone offer a large range of security methods to ensure that its customers/organisations remain secure at all times. Some of these security methods are as follows: Anti-virus services, firewalls, back-up and recovery, full disk encryption and many more. These features set Vodafone apart from its competitors.



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