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Unit 12 Btec

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Post Office

DIXY PLC, a retail food company

The Charitable Fund “Children of Russia”

Purpose of the organisation

To benefit society in some way

To make profit

To benefit society in some way

Aims and objectives of website

  • To provide information about post services
  • To let customers track parcels
  • To transfer money
  • To improve communication with customers
  • To employ staff

  • To provide information about goods
  • To advertise and promote the business as a whole
  • To improve communication with customers
  • To employ staff
  • To attract investors
  • To provide information about charitable projects
  • To obtain donation for a charitable cause
  • To increase awareness

I have chosen three different business organisations from different sectors that operate online. Here is a table describing the purpose of each business and the aims and objectives of its website.

The website of Post Office doesn’t have a site map or a site search which makes it more difficult and longer to find the necessary information. The website has useful hyperlinks which give in-depth look into each aspect. Also there is a navigation bar, so everything is grouped and easy to find.  The website is made in white and blue colours which are associated with the brand. The design is consistent throughout the site. The fonts are easy to read. If a user wants to find out additional information like terms and conditions, he is not taken away from the page, because the website has pop-up windows.

[pic 1] 

The website of DIXY PLC has a site search, a navigation bar, hyperlinks. Also there is a drop-down menu to provide additional options. The colour of fonts and the navigation bar is orange, because the brand includes this colour. A user always knows where he is, because there is a breadcrumb trail. Images are compressed, because it is easier and faster to download the page in this case. However, if a user wants to see more details, there is a possibility to zoom and rotate the images.  

[pic 2]

The website of the Charitable Fund “Children of Russia” has hyperlinks to the charitable projects. A user also knows where he is due to the presence of a breadcrumb trail. There are no drop-down menus but there is a navigation bar. The fonts are clear and easy to read and the background is also appropriate.

[pic 3]

Having compared three websites I can say that they have similar elements. All the websites have hyperlinks but their aims differ. DIXY PLC aims to make and maximise profit as it is a privately-owned organisation. It has shareholders as it is a public limited company. The company has to report to the shareholders about the financial results and it also needs to attract money for further development. That’s why the hyperlink leads to the corporate website of the company where there is more detailed information about transactions, reports and etc.



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