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Vietnam War

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In my sonnet, it discusses the hardships of the Vietnam War. It explains the tragedies that were faced and how large the impact was. The sonnet talks about the how war can traumatise people and leave scars in their mind forever. At the time of my war, everyone was seeking for freedom and a better life. By escaping their country they once called home, they were able to find a better life if they were lucky. This story is based on what my parents had to go through in their early lives.

This sonnet is set in Vietnam, at the time when it was most terrifying. This poem is set in 1955-1975. At this time, lives were lost every minute and at this point in time, people were in great misery. The poem is set in Vietnam where the battle took place. It was the place where it all happened.

The character in my sonnet is a young girl who is innocent and is very afraid of what she is hearing. She represents my mother and the sonnet evolves around this young girl.

The theme in my sonnet is the destruction of life and what its impact on the world. War is only created due to greed and selfishness. The acts of cruelty against one another are extremely atrocious and having mankind to do this is unexplainable. It is a mystery the fact that there can be such heartless people out there. Because of the welfare, freedom was truly lacking. Many people at the time of the battle escaped. This was touched in the couplet of my sonnet. The message being conveyed here is that to portray to the experiences of a victim in the Vietnam War to the audience. The Vietnam War had made a great change in the world. Many of us wouldn't be here today if this event had not occurred. their own country whilst risking their own life just to find freedom.

Language techniques that were used in my sonnet were similes, metaphors and personification. These techniques were used to add more power and feeling to my sonnet.

The line: 'The pain she felt was like burning acid' I used similes to emphasise on the pain that the young girl felt during the war was at its climax.

The line: 'With crashing waves, her tears then shed blood red'

Here, it is a metaphor, making the tears sound like waves crashing, adding more intensity to the tears that were being shed.

The line: 'A time like this was like a death in waiting.'

I used personification to this to make death sound more humane. It is described with a human action and is taken to have more sympathy and power into my words.



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