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Violent Media and Its Effect on Children

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Essay Preview: Violent Media and Its Effect on Children

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Violent Media and Its Effect On Children

No matter what happens, violent media is constantly in today's media. Whether it is coverage on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, a novel by one of today's popular authors, or television dramas being showcased every weeknight after dark, violent media is unavoidable. Of course, what are a few senseless scenes to big entertainment companies other than a few thousand more dollars? Regardless, violence in media has been affecting American children and adolescents, turning them more aggressive.

It is almost impossible for youth to go through the day without seeing at least one act of violence in their daily routine. It does not matter if it is a game of "cops-and-robbers" or a bully heckling his peers for money, violence runs rampant. There can be many influences on how or why children and adolescents become violent. Sometimes, bad parenting has its turn reflected on them, while other times the brain has the actions hard-wired into their system. In most cases, it is usually the media to blame.

Where is the proof that violent media can affect or scar our youth's thought process or psychology? Maybe it is in all the mature-rated games parents allow children to play as long as they have their consent? What if it is in all of the movies people only above 17 can watch, regardless of Nazi killers, IMAX sized breasts, or expletives louder than the car explosion behind the protagonist? Perhaps it is in the music, where people dressed up as undead clowns scream about their relationship problems into the microphone, not bothered by their fanbase they create? Nevertheless, violent media, now, has run rampant in our society, and it has taken people over the edge.



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