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Virtual Meeting Scenario Paper

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In the past, a meeting for many global companies and organizations with largely distributed partakers was challenging. For example, previously if a company called a meeting and attendees were in different locations, the business would either fly those in attendance to a central location, or hold conference calls. Today companies take advantage of technology by holding virtual meetings. According to Educause Learning Initiative "A virtual meeting is Online virtual meetings are real-time interactions that take place over the Internet using features such as audio and video, chat tools, and application sharing" (Educase Learning Initiative, 2006, paragraph 1). In other words a virtual meeting can link meeting participants without him or her ever leaving his or her workplace. From this new innovation businesses can expand businesses and make decisions faster; however, all meeting attendees should learn to respect each other, communicate, and appreciate each other's differences.

In the simulation Virtual Meeting Scenario some of the obstacles that exist within the communication lines are 1) lack of professionalism, 2) stereotyping, and 3) no rules. Sam, from the United States made continual remarks that clearly were offensive and racially discriminatory toward the Hispanic race. To illustrate, Sam stated "My first idea is to build a bigger wall so ya'll don't continue to come over here and make it hard in America." Sam's statements caused Pablo to make another racial comment toward Sam, and at this point neither person is concentrating on the task at hand. Comments that attack a person's race, gender, sex, religion, or any cultural upbringing are considered discrimination. In a professional setting such as a meeting, it is important for every party to respect each other. If these types of statements that Sam and Pablo told each other were directed toward me I would think I am an outcast.

Given the opportunity to address a person like Sam or Pablo I would attempt to educate express how I feel and suggest ways to communicate better with a group of diverse individuals. In the textbook Diversity Consciousness Opening Our Minds to People, Cultures, and Opportunities the author states that "...poor communication skills can make it difficult for us to achieve our goals and can alienate, confuse, and hurt others. Communication skills are one specific form of diversity skills"(Bucher,2010, p. 154). In other words, communication is necessary to move toward diversity. Sam, Pablo, and Lifang Lin could have better managed his or her impressions to others by first acknowledging each other's differences. Sam could have been more empathetic and stepped outside of himself he may not have made such rude comments.

In addition to communicating effectively, it is also important to become diversity conscious by appreciating and accepting differences among the group. When an individual



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