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Voltaire's Candide

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Essay Preview: Voltaire's Candide

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Candide" by Voltaire is a play that in some way can be relevant in today's modern society. There are three connections that can be made. They are social, political and economic.

Comparing modern society to the story a connection here can be seen in chapter three. An example is when Candide tries to get help from the people of Holland because they were rich and Christian. "He asked alms of several grave personages who all told him that if he continued to beg, he would be shut up in a house of correction and set to hard labor" (World Literature, 189). This happens now in our society. If a person that needs help ask to many people and some one feels that they are a bother authorizes was called. Also during this time to "the upper class public life mattered more than private" (World Literature, 92). Things have not changed that much now. Society looks at everything as a whole, both private and public.

Politically times have changed a little since the Enlightenment period, during which the story was written. Now the heads of the state and government are beginning chosen by the people not by how much wealth they have or power over others. "Look here, friend, said the orator, do you think the Pope is Antichrist? I haven't considered the matter, said Candide; but whether, he is or not, I'm in need of bread. You don't deserve any, said the other; away with you, you rascal, you rogue, never come near me as long as you live" (World Literature, 189). This show that if one did not think how everyone else was thinking than you were scum to them. Now if you think differently than everyone else noting happens, they just agree to disagree about that particular topic.

Economics is somewhat tied together with society and politics. In order for a society to be able to work as a whole, the economy needs to be able to function. Both of the economies are similar in a way. With battles/wars going on that takes up most of the funds that are needed to make the country function. Then there are those who feel that just because they were born into wealth they have nothing to worry about until it is no longer there any time they need it. Miss Cunegonde and the old woman saw this first hand. Both women were born into wealth but when things turned for the worst they were subject to doing without certain things. These women endured this because of how things were going with the economy.

Some lessons that can that can be learned from this work is that one should never give up on love and that no matter how one go to where they are. It can be taken away from them at any time.



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