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Waitrose Company Business Strategy

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Essay Preview: Waitrose Company Business Strategy

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Business Strategy

The main objective of this paper is to analyze changes and their implications for Waitrose and comment on planning strategies to be adopted and applied for the improvement of the company's performance. To achieve this objective, two models namely PESTLE and Porter's Five Forces have been applied. The main issues identified in this paper include the following:

 The advent of the Policy planning guidance

 Health/Environmental standards and organic food

 Corporate social responsibility

 Marketing and online shopping

 Economic recession and Waitrose's strategies

 Competition among firms

The analysis has shown that Waitrose is strategically planning in order to face the challenges of the current political and economic setbacks. However, it is notable that Waitrose has made progress in dealing with some issues such as the enhancement of product quality and services. Finally this paper concludes that Waitrose is taking steps in fulfilling its long term objectives and the company is determined to meet the consumers' expectations.


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