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Warning to Salome Suacake for Stealing

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Essay Preview: Warning to Salome Suacake for Stealing

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Fired Salome Suacake
There is many alternative strategies to solve the problem. One of them is Mr Brett Taylor fired Salome Suacake from The Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort. Stealing is the most sensitive and large issue to any organisation because a trust worthy employee can makes customers have good feedback on the company. For example, customers will feel comfortable and enjoy when they are in the resort because the employees of Fijian Resort are honest and will not steal customer’s money. As a result, fired Salome Suacake can avoid the similar things happen again and can rebuild the reputation of the resort.

The possible positive outcome when Mr Brett Taylor fired Salome Suacake is this action actually warning other employees to not stealing customer’s money or belongings. The reputation of the resort can be rebuilt because this kind of situation will not happen again. Customer can also feel safe and secured when they decided to stay in the resort.

The possible negative outcome of this alternative strategy is some of the employees might judge the determination of Mr Brett Taylor as once they make mistake, they will probably fire by Mr Brett Taylor. Hence, other employees will afraid of making mistake when they are serving or communicating with customers. As a result, this may makes other employees lose their enthusiasm to work in Fijian resort.

Written Warning to Salome Suacake

Stealing is a big crime for all organization no matter what reason they give for. In this case, since Salome has good performance in the organization, she should hold a one more opportunity to continue her job in Fijian. Mr Brett Taylor should have a private meeting with Salome, speak to her and make her understand that her behaviour is incorrect and cannot be accepted. Moreover, this is mainly to explain to Salome that Brett Taylor’s is unhappy with her wrong doing and the problems with her work behavior as well as to give Salome a limited period of time to turn things around. If Salome repeats the same mistakes, there could be disciplinary consequences for failure to improve and worst, she could be terminated.

The positive outcome is Salome will be a demonstration of mistakes, and employees will recognize their responsibilities and will not blend their private affairs with their work. Employees will be aware of other employee behaviors to avoid recurrence.

The possible negative outcome for this strategy is Salome’s future might be affected. Even Salome has won a second chance. But she created a bad demonstration for herself in the record and it will be detrimental to her future. Although her theft is for the benefit of the church, other organizations still have uncertainties to accept her as a matter of trust.

Disciplinary Action towards Moala Tukana

Moala Tukana should be suspended for a period of time because he, as a director and assistant director, was misjudged for knowing Salome's criminal conduct and not taking any action against Salome. Staff should recognize that fraud is a very serious matter and should not be overlooked. Action must be taken to provide good lessons for other employees.

The possible positive outcome of this strategy is showing good example to everyone in the organization. By suspending Moala, a well-known good leaders and employees, this will be a fair way to handle employees. Therefore, it would be a good lesson for every one non to reiterate the same mistakes once more even bounded by the local usage belief.



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