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Ways to Have Safe Sexual Relationships

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A couple of ways to have a safe sexual relationship is to try and have one sex partner for life, get you and your partner checked on a regular bases for an STD or an STI, and discuss about how many sex partners the person had before you. These ways were discuss during the crossroads presentation and there all consider to be safe. Having one partner for life is safe because if you’re both virgins and neither of you had pervious partners then you have no worries of catching a diseases. Getting checked on a regular bases is good because you could have a diseases and not even know it. Some people have symptoms and some don’t either way it’s good to get checked out at least twice a month.  Discussing with your partner on how many partners they had before is good cause then you would really know if your safe or not and if you still want to go through with having a sexual intercourse.

Choosing to not have a safe sexual relationship can have some pretty bad outcomes. Some outcomes of not having a safe sexual relationship can be catching a disease, and or becoming pregnant. Depending on what disease you catch you will be stuck with the disease forever unless it’s just an infection that’s curable. One of the main diseases you could catch that is life treating is Aids. Aids can weaken your immune system and make you really sick, and there isn’t a cure for it either according to Eventually the disease gets really bad and kills off your immune system and can cause your death.  Getting pregnant at a young age can ruin your life. Having a baby is really expensive and they need a lot of attention. Being young with a baby can stop you from being able to finish school and getting a job.  

Those out comes can affect your relationships with your friends and family. If you catch a disease and you tell your friends about it you may lose some friends. If you get pregnant your parents will be disappointed and some of your family members might be embarrassed to be seen with you out in public. Being a teenager with a child you’re not going to have that many friends because your friends aren’t going to want to spend the weekend with a baby. (Discuss during or crossroads presentation.)

All these things can affect you your whole life. If you catch a disease you have to live with a disease your whole life you could even pass away. If you get pregnant young you’re not going to have much people that will be there for you. You probably won’t be able to have a career. You won’t be able to afford all the things you need for you and your child. It’s just better to wait until you’re ready and you have one lifelong partner.



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