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Relationships Case

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In a relationship there are expectations from each person to that of the other individual. These expectations relate to how the person feels that the other person should behave. When there are gaps between the couple and their expectations, problems arise. Examples of role expectations are that the man works and provides money for the house, while the woman takes care of the home and provides meals. To keep couples from falling into conflict due to gaps in role expectations, it is important that the couple discuses their roles before marriage. This discussion will help to clarify things and make it simpler for the couple to go on and live a comfortable life. An example of role expectations in my life would be how I feel about my parents. My parents raised me and I relied on them to provide me with a home, food, and an education. If they had stopped doing this I would have run into some issues and could have had a much more difficult upbringing.

In a marriage, cash flow is always a big topic for the family. The family needs money to live and enjoy life, but if the couple overworks they will not have much time to spend together. Sometimes the couple lives two different careers that conflict with each other. When this happens the couple needs to decide on if one will continue the career while the other gives up their career and just run the home. These kind of conflicts make it difficult for a family to have two full time workers in the couple, especially if they are working to build a family. Personally I am self employed and attend college full time, and this causes some problems with my family. I am rarely ever home, and if I am I am working on homework.

What I have learned most from this course would be how relationships work. Understanding how friendship is important along with passion was interesting to me. I always thought that relationships were built on desire and friendship would come after if the couple seems to hit it off. This course has taught me the importance of friendship in a relationship and how much stronger the relationship can be with a strong friendship. I have learned several other things, but this is what stuck out to me the most.



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