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Wen and Paul Mitchell Hair Care

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Essay Preview: Wen and Paul Mitchell Hair Care

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Wen and Paul Mitchell Hair Care Even though Wen Hair Care and Paul Mitchell Hair Care were both created by hairstylists, they are strikingly different in many ways . For example, Wen Hair Care consists of four main products. They are as the cleansing conditioner, styling cream, Re-Moist Intensive Repair Mask, and a Texture Balm. Paul Mitchell, on the other hand, has a variety of products such as their Color Care line, Extra-Body line, Kids line, and Moisture line. Out of the two brands, Wen is more expensive than Paul Mitchell. Wen is based on all- natural ingredients such as cherry bark, rosemary extract, sweet almond oil, and water, Unlike Paul Mitchell. The Paul Mitchell products have very few natural ingredients such as chamomile, henna, and sunflower extracts. Paul Mitchell products also have sodium laurel sulfate, and a lot of alcohol that damages and dries out the hair. On the other hand, Wen has no sodium laurel sulfate or alcohol in their products, only natural ingredients. Paul Mitchell shampoos and conditioner lathers in the hair making it a multiple-step process because you have to cleanse your hair one to two times, rinse, condition and rinse again.. Wen cleansing conditioners foam in the hair making it a single-step process that cleanses and conditions the hair simultaneously. Both companies are very successful and extraordinary in their own ways.



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