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What Did I Do over Spring Break

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Essay Preview: What Did I Do over Spring Break

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         The Peculiar Stranger

By: Jerrod Lane

Matt Riegel is living a wonderful life as a fisherman in the peculiar town of Cardiff. He has a girlfriend named Katy Solomon that is now the proud manager of a local grocery store. At his home that had just been past down to him from his now deceased grandfather, he finally explores the strange cellar down an eerie set of stairs on the first floor of his new home. In the cellar he finds a weathered gun, not even remotely repairable in its present state. He picks the gun up off the dusty side table and finds a set of tally marks on the other side of the gun. He wonders if his family holds a dark secret that’s been kept away from the townsfolk for many years. Sadly it’s true, there is indeed a dark history between his family and a group of highly skilled assassins, by far the best assassins to ever live. Matt will soon find out the dsark past of his dangerous family.

        Weeks later, Matt and Katy head to the quiet town of Stanston to have a nice relaxing weekend at the Stanston hotel. The next day they went on a tour at the museum. Their navigator was quite peculiar. He said his name was David Brand, and he was leading the tourists today through the whole museum. Matt was getting a strange vibe from their navigator, he noticed that David was constantly keeping an eye on him. Strangely enough, after the tour was through and everyone was walking off to go see what they liked the most, David called Matt over to talk with him. At first Matt was hesitant and didn’t want to go. Matt decided to walk over and was expecting a short conversation but, David kindly asked Katy if he may speak with Matt in private. David, being the peculiar man he is, told Matt that his grandfather has had a special gift waiting to give him for when he goes to the next life. Matt was shocked that this random person knew his grandfather, although it wasn’t very surprising seeing that David looked like he was somewhere in his sixties. Matt asked David how he was associated with his  grandfather. David paused for a good fifteen to twenty seconds trying to figure out how to say what his grandfather and him were involved in, in a not so uncanny way. After that fifteen seconds he finally told Matt that his grandfather was one of the best assassins to ever live. Matt didn’t believe David at first, but once he put the pieces together, the huge house, the gun with the tally marks, he knew his grandfather was a highly skilled, malignant killer. David went on to tell Matt if he wanted to carry on his grandfather’s legacy in protecting the world from other precarious forces, to go to his house, find the bookshelf in his cellar, and take out the book named “The War of Nations”. Matt did so for the fact he wanted to thank his grandfather for all the good things he had passed down to him since he didn’t get to say thank you while he was in the hospital. Matt pulled on the book, and a stairway opened to his left behind the wall. Matt walked down of course. As soon as he was all the way down the steps he noticed a cd on the desk with a laptop to obviously play it on. He opened the laptop, turned it on, and played the cd. It was a recording of his grandfather.



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