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What Is a Global Manager? What Would You Choose to Be and Why?

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Essay Preview: What Is a Global Manager? What Would You Choose to Be and Why?

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What is a global manager? What would you choose to be and Why? –

In today’s world a Global Manager need to perceive opportunities not just as a collection of marketplaces, but also as a source of scarce information, knowledge, and expertise which are the primary resources for business development or new business innovations. Hence this highly important capability really is about using one's global presence to promote worldwide innovation and learning.

As Bharlett and Ghoshal explained that the four different specialists required for transnational and multinational companies is very essential for them to place the right specialist at the apt realm to maximize the outcome of one’s potential which will have to be reflected in the multinational company’s organizational capability. The four specialists described are:

• Business Managers – who can represent the need for an integrated worldwide strategy and more efficient standardized products globally. The primary strengths of a global business manager are being a Strategist of the organization, and being the Architect of the company’s assets and resource configuration and importantly being the Coordinator of transactions across countries. They've got to have a big, strategic world view, and be able to see broad cross-market trends and commonalities.

• Country Managers – who needs to respond to these local opportunities or demands. Their approach is more entrepreneurial where their objective is to look out for the national trends and new business opportunities in the local market space. Their primary strengths are of a Sensor of new opportunities and threats and the Builder of local resources and capabilities and the Contributor to and active participant in global strategy.

• Functional Managers - who maintain oversight on the company's resources—it’s financial, human, or information assets—and who are able to see how those need to be developed and diffused around the world. The primary strengths are being a scanner detecting trends and move knowledge across boundaries. Ability to cross-pollinate best practices across the organization and engage various resources towards a common objective and championing innovations with transnational applications.

• Corporate Managers – who being the grand strategic architect, sitting on top of the company and defining the priorities and making the strategic investments. Corporate manager shepherdess the organization and manages all the above mentioned managers and converge their goals to a common organizational objective. The primary strength’s being the leader by showing the way and setting the organizational path. And also, being a keen eye for talent and look out for sharp minds and place them appropriately based on their management skills. And as the developer, it is a primary strength and a skill of a good corporate manager to develop



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