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What Is the Most Important Characteristic in Modern Life?

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Essay Preview: What Is the Most Important Characteristic in Modern Life?

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We are living in a crazy world with many situations happen everyday. Problems are part of our life and we can't run away. So, how can we face the problems? Each person will have their own way to solve them. In my opinion, the most important characteristic for us to deal with problems is self-confident.

First of all, self-confident is the way to believe in ourselves. When we have problems, we need to find the best solution to fix what is wrong. With self-confident, we are freely to think of many different ways, create many new thoughts ... to deal with all problems. We may have many confusing thoughts at first but after that, we will have the right choices.

Second, self-confident is an effective weapon for us to face up many challenges. When there is something wrong, some people may transmit many rumors about your work or nobody believes in you anymore. In these situations, what we need is use our weapon and fight for ourselves. We have to prove that these problems are just unexpected and we can deal with it right away.

Third, self-confident is strength for us to stand up again. After causing some problems, we may feel hopeless and dispirited. We may think of a lot of bad things and imagine bad future. Self-confident makes us believe in the bright side and helps us to stand up and fight with any struggle. If we can stand up and face up the problems, we are the winner of the first step.

All in all, self-confident is the best characteristic that each of us must have in our life to deal with any problems that we have.



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