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What Kind of Motivation Works Well?

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‘A worker has no incentive to work hard if pay within firms is too evenly (equally) distributed. Be it resolved that steep pay differentials (hierarchical pay structures) are the best way to motivate employees and improve overall worker performance”

What kind of motivation works well?

Motivation and motivational tools available to companies are of a financial and non-financial nature. Motivation can also be negative or positive. At first glance it could seem, indeed, that financial motivation, i.e., financial rewards for employee’s performance, is the right driver of employee performance and that the higher the financial reward, the higher the work commitment and employee’s performance. Yet, the results of surveys and experiments have shown for years that this is not always the case. Financial motivation is meaningful to employees only to a certain extent; once the motivation reaches a certain amount, it no longer influences the employee. This is not a suggestion that companies should disregard the financial remuneration of employees. A well thought out and fair compensation system aligned with success in fulfilling the designated goals (as described below) is the basis of “social peace” in the company and surely motivates employees to deliver the required performance. However, attention should also be paid to non-financial motivational tools. The harder it is to define and grasp these tools the more significant a role they play in motivating employees. In broad terms, they can be included under corporate culture. Why does an employee who gets two comparable job offers with identical financial compensation prefer one offer over the other? The reason is often the corporate culture which the employee expects in the company of his or her choice.



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