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What Makes a Good Teacher?

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Essay Preview: What Makes a Good Teacher?

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Daniel Sanchez

English 1A-L3


What makes a “a good teacher”?

There is a lot of things or different ways that can make a teacher a “a good teacher”. Usually the way a teacher teaches during a class or their classes is important. Like someone from last week said to try to blend in with this generation’s way of speaking can forsure change how someone feels about the class and students might actually get more interested and start paying attention during class. Back in my high school years even my first semester of college there was some teachers who would talk about the old days in details and in would be interested but after just lose focus. But if you were able to relate the teachings and compare them to things that happen or interest our generation today can be a really good thing. I believe this is one really big detail that i believe can help out in today’s world to create a better way of teaching even becoming a better teacher.

Another thing that can also frustrate me including many more students is how much a teacher speaks during the class. I know there is some days that the instructor or teacher have to speak a lot during class for new material but there is some other ways to make it easier. For me when a teacher speaks for a long period of time this can really get me off topic, i would start zoning out of class, not being focused, and eventually i would get uninterested into the class. It could be easier if the instructor could cut off the talking into parts and give worksheets to try to memorize what we talked about. I had one class in high school where the teacher would do this and to be honest i loved going to that class and i actually learned many things there.

The two things i mentioned can be two important qualities that a teacher can have. If a teacher or instructor can do this everyday while they teach this can be a big thing can help out many students get or stay interested way longer into class. Also if the students are able to stay focused longer into class then they would also be able to learn more and can become smarter everyday during class.

There are also smaller things that can help out a little bit and it could be to try to give more chance to students for example if they turn their work in late then give them another chance to turn it in. You do not have to give them full credit but atleast give them some credit to work with.



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