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What Marketing Management

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1. What marketing management philosophy did Harmonix use at first and how did their philosophy change?

Harmonix employed a production marketing style in the beginning as they placed more emphasis on their own capabilities and what they could produce instead of placing their focus on consumer wants and needs. This inevitably changed as they eventually adapted to a market philosophy by realizing what appealed to the public and what they were willing to buy. They did this by attracting gamers through popular music and allowing them to feel as though they were making music and part of a band. It was role playing to an extent and it proved to be a success for Harmonix.

2. As a firm, how do you think Harmonix would describe its business?

I think Harmonix would describe its business as one of perseverance through trial and error as they eventually realized the need to adapt a market philosophy and provide a product that appealed to a wide range of gamers that were willing to exchange their money for as opposed to what they did in the beginning which was focus on internal capabilities.

3. To whom was Harmonix's product directed and how did it create a product that would appeal to that audience?

Their product was directed towards gamers and music lover's alike. They created a product through trial and error and a collaboration with a company that was successful at producing peripheral videogame controllers. Through this collaboration Guitar Hero was realized which appealed to a wide audience as the game featured a game controller in the form of a guitar and gave video game players the experience of being in a band and creating/playing music. It was a huge success.



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