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Whats' Government

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The government affects my lifein many ways, because of the Government, we are able to have a freeway system. so we can travel and take road trips and drive to work. Commerce has grown immensely because of this. due to this, there has been the development of towns. Trucks use the freeways and is a major mover of our economic system. also provides us the military. That gives us protection against other countries invading and taking over our way of live.

Next For Example, (Local Government)

1.Local government provides trash pickup, police protection, fire protection, education for the children, water, sewage....etc

The Local Government not only helps me but everyone in the U.S. where there are people loosing their homes everyday from being bankrupt or loosing thier jobs. when they could enter in a shelter homes providing the care they would need. Also the Local Government hepls the kids who unable to cross-across the roads where their is a crossing-guard helping them through their pathway home. also helping us driving along way building roads to make it much easier and less stressful when going to our destination .

Secondly, (State Government)

2.State government pays for state roads, state police, regulates most laws, operates a prison system,provides the teachers for classroom

Secondly the State Government also affects my life where it provides the buses that may take you to and from school. without the ideas for us kids to even get the transportation from the bus to school. half of each kids would probably walk to school which would cause them to be late. request a ride from their parents everyday entirely spending to much gas money from morning to late afternoon to pick them up driving back home. not only does the state provide transportation but also makes sure the water we drink and shower in is clean and safe to use. and also make sure to pays for the upkeep of city park and pool facilities so they are clean and safe to use.

Last (Federal Government)

3.Federal government provides military protection, is my voice to foreign governments, provides currency,Health and Human Services..etc

Last, The Fedral Government prodives us homeland security where its helps me and eveyone on else to be safe. such as to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States, reduce vulnerability to terrorism, and minimize the damage from potential attacks and natural disasters. It also administers the country's immigration policies and oversees the Coast Guard. next the government also help me to ensures the safety of the meat and poultry products are safe to eat

In Conclusion, the government such as Local, State, and Fedral, all effects me in some way in life to ensured that were safe. from getting transportation



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