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Who's Responsible?

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Who's Responsible?

In today's society, more and more people are acting out violence just from what they see and hear. When someone commits a crime because of what they see or hear, is that person fully responsible for his or her actions or is there other's to blame?

Politicians, talk show hosts and other high profile public figures are always on television and the radio speaking aloud about many different subjects. At times these people make some harsh comments on the way they think or believe about a specific person or topic. At times they criticize other's using evasive inciting words and/or images. The internet is another place that is highly susceptible to gossip and violence.

A lot of people seem to believe that public figures should held accountable when a crime is committed because of something they said or did. I believe that in some cases "yes" that person that made the comment, posted the image or used those inciting words might be partially responsible or should at least take some responsibility. Everyone has the right to free speech but some people use that as a crutch to say whatever they want believing that no one will get hurt. Other people believe what they hear or see, take it out of context and act on it.

A classic example of this is when Politian Sarah Palin posted a graphic of a gun crosshair and a statement "reload" and "aim on for Gifford and other democrats (Prior to Shooting) on her website. Later, an individual who saw this on her website shot and killed politician Gabrielle Gifford and several others. Although the way Palin expressed herself was a little harsh and unethical, it was still freedom to free speech and she should take some accountability for her own actions and words, (which is what she did do by taking off the graphic, apologizing and offering her condolences for the victims and their families) but she is not responsible for the shootings and the murder of Gifford.

Another prime example is when a man 22-year old man killed six people and wounded 14 others, including Gifford's (Pappas, S. 2011) because of political rhetoric and warlike word he had heard. In this case the shooter is responsible for all the shootings.

What everything comes down to is that people are blaming people for someone else's actions. High profile public figures such as politicians, talk show hosts and the rich and famous are the ones that get harassed and blamed the most just because they are famous. You can't blame someone else for your actions because of something someone else says or does or what you see or hear. In my opinion, anyone know matter who you are should take accountability for their words or actions but if someone takes someone else's (regardless of who they are) inciting words or images out of context and acts on it in a criminal way or any other way is the person that is responsible.



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