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Why Are Successful Projects So Important to Hewlett-Packard?

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Essay Preview: Why Are Successful Projects So Important to Hewlett-Packard?

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Gedalanga, Romeo

Rosal, Ezelle Joy

Sanchez, John Michael

Tan, Eduardo

Villaflor, Ayrich

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November 27, 2012

1. Why are successful projects so important to Hewlett-Packard?

Hewlett Packard care for success because they want to be a successful company with reliable products. Every company wants to make successful products; HP might just project an image "caring about success" more than other companies.

2. How far should an evaluation team go in trying to quantify project contributions to the firm's mission or goals? What is the role of financial selection process?

The evaluation team must undergo several steps in order to focus on the more important projects to be done. So the evaluation team must list all the projects that must be evaluated in order to know whether they will be implemented or not. They should organize the projects and categorize them so that it will be easy for them to eliminate the other unimportant projects. The company must know the firm's goals/ missions so they can understand more what kind of company they are in and match the projects to the goals. They should do projects that are related to their company so they could do it successfully. They should have a balanced portfolio of projects that creates complete solution to their customers. In each of the category they must assess what project best fit of choices for the plan.

The role of financial selection process is to assess the cost related to the plan/project. They should be able to identify the projects that should be reconceived, cancelled or be down-scale because their resource consumption exceeds initial expectation. The company might not be able to cover all the costs, if they wouldn't try to look into the financial aspect of each plan. It should not be only the time that must be look into but also they should also look into the capacity to fund the project.

3. Considerable attention is paid to the measures HP uses to evaluate its projects. Is the aim of carefully defining these measures to simplify the project selection process or something else?

Maybe the main purpose was to simplify the selection process, since strategies should be used to simplify things. If the evaluators simplify the selection process they could assess each project carefully and more objectively. They also used measures in order to assure the success of the projects being selected. The firm always wants to have projects that really do succeed in the end, who would want to lose anyway right? They used measures to evaluate the individual projects carefully and clearly so that the cost and benefits for the plan would be seen.

4. What do the aggregate plan and the plan of record illustrate to upper management?

So it illustrates that the plan of record is the list of records of the projects, to keep track of the projects. The record shows the



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