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Why Are the Company Sales Declining?

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Essay Preview: Why Are the Company Sales Declining?

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Why are the company sales declining? This is the important question for our team. Finding the answer and making since of the problems to be improved is the key to lifting the sales up. Pulling up failing sales is easy but many things must be done to find out where the sales are being effect. We need to first form a research team to start looking into our percentages of sales and our profits. We need to come up with a way to look at our statistics and data that is found. Forming the right questions to the variables that are needed is important. Designing an instrument to keep up with the data collected is a great way to show our results and to report problems back to the team and company.

A research hypothesis is the statement created by researchers when they speculate upon the outcome of their research or experiment (Shuttleworth, 2011, p. 3). Hypotheses are generated by different results of a process of inductive reasoning where the observation helps to create the theory. Most researchers used many of the deductive methods to come to a hypothesis that can be testable, falsifiable, and realistic. The research problem usually is framed as a question to know why something is happening in the competitive market and the economy in such critical condition. The hypothesis might ask questions like "Why the company sales have been declining in the recent past months? The hypothesis research needs to find a testable hypothesis to become more realistic. They might be acceptable statements for the researcher to focus like the economy being in critical condition but the science needs to measure the effect that manipulates the variable to come to prediction. A researcher proving the hypothesis can cause less credibility and impartiality because the statistical tests rarely can give a clear answer. Because they are factors that often affect the outcome of results. Hypothesis research costs are high and to be verified or falsified, it will need analytical and statistical and is never proven in terms of verified or supported.

Research questions are the questions formed after the hypothesis to focus the researcher's attention (Cooper & Schindler, pg 83). It is important that the research questions answer the hypothesis. The hypothesis of this corporation issue is whether or not the company is competitive. Some of the research questions are answered by its accounting program, but others may need to look at the other organizations in its area of expertise to find if it is competitive in the marketplace.

1) Is the company competitive against other companies like itself in size and age?

2) Is the company preferred by customers because of its customer service or product?

3) What was the participant's first opinion of the product when he or she first saw it?

4) Are the product and other applications easy to use?

5) Have you had a competitor's products? Which would you prefer between the products?

6) Is there anything with the products that the participant would change?

The research questions can help the company make its hypothesis questions. This is framed as a question to know why something is happening in the competitive market and the economy in such critical condition. The hypothesis might ask questions like "Why the company sales have been declining in the recent past months?

Research is key to many companies, the success of most companies depend on it. When companies release a new product, they need certain things to make sure the product will be successful and stay competitive with other companies. Many things are taken into consideration when researching anything within a company. Questions are formed and a hypothesis is developed. While the research is conducted many variables can change the research or take the researchers in different directions.

Variables are important in a business research because these variables determine what is dependent and what is independent. These variables help find the information for the research. The researcher would need to use both variables. The first variable is the dependent variable, because there can be more than one variable to be researched, such as a book, magazine, or the Internet. If the researcher just identified independent variable, the researcher would only need to look up one resource. So out of choosing just one resource, the researcher uses a book or Internet site. To make it an independent variable for using websites, the researcher would need to make sure the website did not use any other websites for its business research. This means that there would only be one website for the independent variable, which does not include any other source of websites attached to that one website. Variables are an important matter when doing a business research. Most companies maintain a high standard of ethics no matter the product or issue researched.

When dealing with any kind of business research one must always stay bias during the research. The research must stay within the laws before, during, and after the ending of the research; these laws were put in force to prevent any unethical treatment of the participants. Always be sure to explain the benefits, rights, and protection and obtain informed consent from each participant. When explaining benefits never overstate or understate these. Use a professional introduction to include your name and the name of your organization this will tend to keep the participants more easily to answer questions truthfully. When the participants are made aware of their rights the participants become more trusting of the researcher. The signed consent should also include the procedures of the research and when dealing with minor children always makes sure there is an adult/guardian present at every meeting. In the end make sure to give the participants all the information pertaining to their privacy. All team members must understand this is a serious matter, and they must abide by the law. These are considerations to think about before a research program can begin.

"Research instruments serve as measurement tools and are an integral component of research study. Research instruments may include measurements; self-report instruments, scales, or questionnaires; interviews; diaries; structured or unstructured observations; Q methodologies; psychology measurements; or other specialized measures (Leslie H. Nicoll, Suzanne C. Beyea )".

The research instrument needs to be reliable and serve with integrity on the research project. The instruments for an investigation need to be accurately and measure the phenomena study. The researcher must examine the methods and for this company the quantitative



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