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Why Nooa Needs a Bigger Budget Than Nasa

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Essay Preview: Why Nooa Needs a Bigger Budget Than Nasa

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Why NOAA needs a bigger budget than NASA

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Why NOAA needs a bigger budget than NASA

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) may be the most important agency that is sidelined by the Federal government regarding funding.  Its core roles of managing fish and predicting the weather are critical to the United States, and without sufficient funds, these roles would not get the attention they require.  Typically, NAOO requires a bigger budget than NASA.

The space program has faced little to no growth in recent years.  Given that 95% of the underwater is unexplored, there is no need for the government to allocate millions of dollars of money for space exploration as what it did when NASA spent millions of money to look for the presence of  ice in a crater near the Moon's South Pole. The earth is filled with few trillion masses of water that the government has not fully exhausted.  The fact is that ocean exploration still lags behind. The oceans are explored for commercial undertakings such as commercial transportation, mineral abstraction,   fisheries and aquaculture, but the search has stagnated for years because of insufficient back up from the American government (Eilperin, 2012). The ocean is a key resource that contributes to human sustainability, meaning it stands at an even level with space research. Therefore, the government should allocate more capital required to explore the deep sea frontier.

Insufficient budget allocated to NOAA jeopardizes the government troubled weather satellite programs. Indeed, there is a possibility that insufficient funding can suspend the unveiling of the nation's polar-orbiting ecological satellite, thus increasing the gap between the powers of the NOAA regarding weather forecasts and investigative collecting data (Morello, 2013).  Without the polar-orbiting satellite data, NOAA’s weather predictions would be less credible. For example, NOAA has determined that without the polar-orbiting cable data, it would have miscalculated the quantity of snow that was experienced during the “Snowmageddon” that was experienced on the East Coast in 2010. The outcomes of the predictions would have placed the focus of the storm 200 to 300 miles away from the authentic epicenter. Furthermore, even the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecast who utilized the American polar-orbiting satellite data would not have predicted the Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Today, astronauts are diving deep ocean and swimming pool to prepare themselves for space live.  For instance, under the waters of the Florida Keys, spacemen and aquanauts are utilizing the seas for deep diving to prepare them for life in space by staying the aquatic life.    It is the responsibility of NOAA to manage and control weather satellites while NASA just launches them.  So, if aquatic life and the weather forecast are not properly managed, then NASA projects would fail because their preparation starts from the aquatic life. Indeed, NASA Research’s such as equipment test and astronaut life tests are done on the underwater. For example, according to NEEMO (NASA Acronym) Project Lead, Bill Todd, “NEEMO 21 astronauts and crew will pioneer complex tasks on the seafloor utilizing the most advanced underwater navigation and science tools which are methodically choreographed to mimic a Mars exploration traverse.” (Feltman, 2016).   NOAA concentrates on weather, coastal management, and ocean as well as science, which is critically relevant than space exploration.



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