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Big Vs Small Businesses - Is Bigger Better

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Essay Preview: Big Vs Small Businesses - Is Bigger Better

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is bigger better? i would like to know if it is beneficial to open your own business or just go to work for a business that is already established? would it be a problem to start with a company so that you don't have to do the drudgery and find your own customers/clients. and when it comes to taxes, who has the better benefits, large or small businesses. also, is cheaper better or is customer service. what keeps the customers coming back. and how hard is it to keep a float with the larger companies next door. When you look around, you see a lot of big busineses and corporations. They are anything from big department stores, fast food chains, big construction companies, to internet services and more. in the middle of all this, hyou see small businesses, like family owned restaraunts, grocery stores, tailor anddry cleaning facilities, full ervice gas stations with names like "Hap's Friendly Service". and so on. with all these big stores, like wal-mart, you can't help to wonder how these smaller businesses are still in business and ow hard of a struggle they have had.

i know of a lot of people who are working for bigger compan8ies and are luckhy to get hired on at part time hour and hoping they get to stay on afterthe seasonl rush i oveer and knowing they just may be the next ones to be laid off. i have noticed that with the smller businese,they seem to keep their hekp lon ger an try to give them the hour that helps them all. i am not sayingworking for saller busimesses are better, but i would ike toknow if bigger is better.



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