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Why Sports Are Important

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Whether it is about soccer, basketball, American football or the ball-game, every game has its unique

presence in today's world of sports. From international level to county level, the games are widespread

and players, fans, and coaches from different regions and cultures come together to play or watch one

particular sport, whether it is soccer, baseball, basketball or football. I believe that sports are very

important to everyone who plays, and watches. No matter what their age is, everyone finds something

within sports that makes them go crazy about it. After doing some research, and questioning people on

why they love sports, and also from my own personal experience, The answer to this question of "why

are people so fascinated with watching/playing sports?" is that sports is entertaining and provides a

distraction from real life. Sports are kind of like a thriller movie, you never know whats going to

happen. They also they keep you on the edge of your seats until the end of the game. Throughout this

paper I will discuss why people love sports so much.

There are many reasons why people are so fascinated by sports. Keeping fit bodily is very essential. One of the objects of sports is, of course, bodily exercise. The health of the body is essential for success in life. An unhealthy man is always sad, gloomy and loses confidence in himself. To keep healthy, one must take an active part in sports. Thus sports ensure good health and build a fine physique. If one is bodily fit, one feels capable of hard endeavour and life without endeavour is useless. The great advantage of sports is that they combine exercise with thrill, excitement and sensation. In order that we should readily take exercise, it should be made interesting and, as everybody knows, practically all kinds of games devised by man possess a certain degree of interest Hockey, football, cricket, tennis, badminton, rowing, swimming-all these and others not only give exercise to the limbs

but also provide a good deal of excitement and entertainment. People are also fascinated with sports because it brings with it healthy competition. The competitive instinct is natural in man and demands outlets. Sports have wide scope for the competitive instinct, matches and tournaments and contests are held to put to test the skill, toughness, stamina and endurance of various participants. For spectators at the games, or even watching TV, there is that moment we all wait for to happen, that games winning shot during March Madness, that field goal



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