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Why You Should Visit St.Vincent and the Grenadines

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Essay Preview: Why You Should Visit St.Vincent and the Grenadines

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Millions of visitors have revealed how much there is to see and do in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The captivating attractions provide something for everyone; from the oldest gardens in the Western Hemisphere, and beautiful waterfalls, to the carnival, culture and 31 lovely Grenadine Islands where you can have a relaxing moment.

The Botanical Gardens was founded in 1768 as a money-making venture, to reproduce plants brought from other parts of the world. It is believed to be the oldest such garden in the Western Hemisphere. There you will find complex and rare plant species, including flowers and trees. There is even a breadfruit tree which can trace its roots to the original plant brought by Captain Bligh in 1793. It also houses the national flower, The Soufriere Tree (Spachea Perforata) and the National Bird, (Amazona Guildingi). Along with the National Bird there are other types of animals you can visit. People visit the Botanical Gardens, not only for the knowledge of the trees, plants and flowers, but it makes a great background for wedding pictures, picnics and even if you just want to relax and embrace nature. It's also a great spot for family outings, the children learn as they play and the parents can relax under the gazebo. There are many waterfalls but, the Falls of Baleine, on the Leeward coast, is a single stage waterfall. It falls sixty feet into a rock-enclosed fresh water pool, which is perfect for swimming. You can only access the falls by boat, and this takes approximately forty minutes from Kingstown down to the Leeward Coast. Also on the Leeward coast is The Dark View Falls, another single stage waterfall of some 104 feet, slightly higher than the Falls of Baleine. The pool at the bottom is about two feet deep and not conducive to a proper swim but if you're up for a climb there are 2 other falls above it. One can, however, enjoy a giant shower and safe bathing where the pool trickles into a small stream, and there are many other falls including Trinity Falls, and Wallilabou Falls. On the Windward side of mainland St Vincent, you can find The Rabbacca Falls, which is along the banks of the Rabacca River. The Rabbaca Falls comprises of three separate waterfalls; the waterfall is three tiered, the first tier "Kisseme" (locally referred to as Kiss Me) gently flows with a drop of only ten feet into a deep calm pool. The second is called "Hell's Gate" which is a fast flowing gust of water dropping some thirty feet into a pool below and there is a small alcove you can access by diving under the fall. The third is called "The Bedroom", it is similar to the second but drops into a narrow rock canyon which enhances the flow of the water. Access to the taller two falls for bathing is somewhat difficult, but certainly possible and very rewarding.

Leaving mainland St.Vincent and taking a trip to the Grenadines is the height of relaxation. There are thirty one islands



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