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Why Zebras Have Stripes

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A long time ago in the land of Zedonia, there lived a tiny fairy named Abella. Abella spent all of her time watching over the horses of Zedonia. She loved each horse just as much as the next horse, but thats all the love there was. The horses hated each other. They were constantly fighting over who was better, or who was in charge. There were more white horses then there were black, but that didn't stop the black horses from thinking they were supeior. One day the fighting got out of hand. There were stampedes of horses charging at each other, and Abella didn't know what to do. She flew as fast as her little wings could carry her over to her father's castle. When she arrived, she told her father what was going on and he thought long and hard. A good twenty minutes later he whispered in Abella's ear, "Make all of the horses the same color." All the way back to the horse's Abella thought about which color she wanted to make them. If she made them black it would make the horses that used to be white mad, and if she made them white it would make the horses that used to be black mad. About the time she got to the horses she came up with a brilliant idea. She shook her little yellow wand and said, "Waddiwasi!" The horses all began to twirl in the air. They were going so fast all you could see was black and white streaks. The horses were slowly lowered to the ground. Upon landing they realized they were different than before. Each horse had black and white stripes. They looked exactly the same. Today Abella's creation is known as the Zebra



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