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Wind Beneath My Wings

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Running head:  WIND BENEATH MY WINGS 1


Erin L. Hayden

Upper Iowa University



        I remember as a child and as an adult loving the feeling of the wind blowing in my face and how I love the sound of the wind blowing at night when I am laying in my bed.  Even now I drive with my car windows down I put my hand out and follow the breeze.  As a child I never imagined that the wind that would set my kite aloft could also be used to create clean and renewable energy, my how the world and technology has changed since my days as child playing outside.  Roughly over a decade ago you would see a wind turbine spinning in a field, it seemed like a structure that was out of place and did not belong.  No we fast forward to today wind farms are becoming a natural part of our countries landscape and wind turbine use has increased in popularity worldwide.  What has caused this increase in wind turbines, well who does not want clean, renewable and sustainable energy?


        Everyone remembers being a child and feeling the wind on their face, the joy of running and watching a kite take flight for the first time.  Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine the wind could be so much more than a welcome friend on a hot day or propulsion for your paper airplane.  Those wild dreams have finally come true, wind energy is here and countries worldwide are working to adopt wind farms and their technology as a replacement for dirty fossil fuels to power their countries.  Now is the right time to choose this natural and cleaner alternative to fossil fuels.

        Harnessing wind energy is one of the easiest and cheapest methods of renewable energy, it causes zero pollution even the turbines used to harness this clean energy source have zero emissions.  Turbines can installed almost any open rural area, for example you can create a wind farm on land and still us that land to grow crops this way you are using your land twofold and there is no impact to crop produce.  Over the past few years more and more countries are making the transition to harnessing wind to power some of their major cities, the request for permits to create wind farms is growing at a phenomenal rate.  The more power we harness from this clean, renewable and sustainable source the less the world will have to rely on fossil fuels that pollute our air and affect the climate of our planet.

        The world is beginning to see the true power of harness and utilizing wind energy, this is a resource that is clean and renewable.  We would be very foolish not to take advantage of


something so powerful and sustainable to help lessen our dependency on fossil fuels and keep the air we breathe cleaner and lessen the effect on climate change.



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