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Wings Case

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The connection between Wing's hands and his life is that Wing's hands can express his feelings; he just doesn't allow them to. Wings hands had once been his way of expression. His form of expression got him into a world of trouble so he stopped using his hands. He instead hides them or puts them away in his pockets because of the accusations he had been accused of in his old town. In the story the author refers to Adolph Myers as a forty year old man who really looked sixty-five. It basically is suggesting that Wing looks worn out; indifferent. Wing has lived alone for twenty years and is probably aging quickly from being alone and depressed because of his circumstance. After reading the story, my impression of Wing is that he is just simply misunderstood. He is a soft hearted man with strong skillful hands, whose reputation was ruined by others misunderstanding of him. Instead of having the testicular fortitude to fight back, he lived his life in fear.


The story is titled respectability because it describes respect in others along with disrespect. Wash Williams is described as someone who is dirty and very unattractive in the beginning of the story, and is even compared to a type of ugly caged monkey, but later in the story we learn that in his youth he was a halfway decent looking man. He was happy and married to a woman who later turns into someone he hates just as much as he loved her. He took care of his appearance and was confident a person. After the painful and horrific break-up of his once blissful marriage, his life seems to take a toll for the worse and goes all down hill. He hated women, in fact he called them "bitches", and ends the story off with a sense of anger and regret for not getting the oppurtunity to kill his ex-mother-in-law.

The Untold Lie

The untold lie in the story was that Ray actually felt joy when he thought of his children; he realized he had some fond memories with them and they weren't such a mistake after all. In the beginning of the story, we read about Windpeter Winters and his catastrophic and unusual death. It says "George Willard and Seth Richmond had a secret confidence that he knew what he was doing and admired his foolish courage." It also states that "most boys have seasons of wishing they could die gloriously instead of just being grocery clerks and going on with their humdrum lives". I believe this is a big part of the story because it's exactly what Hal and Ray were so curiously wondering about in the fields. They weren't satisfied with being settled down with children, but



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