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Woman Warriors

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Women Warriors

Women have always had a difficult time in the military. They have been judged by not being strong enough because of their gender. It's taking a long time to prove that women have the same ability as men when it comes to military training and to withstand the mistreatment of other soldiers. Men believe that women should stay at home and take care of the family while they go out and defend this country. Military women, since the Civil War have been disrespected, assaulted, and mistreated due to their gender, although they have served in pivotal roles by becoming nurses in the Civil War, pilots in World War II, and frontline participation today in Afghanistan.

Women during the American Revolution served as cooks, water bearers, nurses, and laundresses. However, women who joined the Civil War were limited to what they could do. They were nurses who took care of injured soldiers and treated the ill. In order to serve, women soldiers had to disguise themselves as men (Women in the Military 57). In World War II, women were given the opportunity to become pilots; even though they were not allowed to go into combat. On the other hand, women were civil service pilots, ferriors, test pilots and anti air craft artillery trainers ( In the present times, women are now aloud to fight in the front lines in Afghanistan and have had the chance to show their accomplishments.

Sexual harassment and assault has been a massive issue in the military. "Men simply cannot treat women like men" (Bender, 56). Women have been talked down on and have been treated with no respect. For instance, women had to use the back door to gym facilities in order to keep up with the training abilities. Women also dressed as men just to be able to serve (Women in the Military72). "In 1988, Pentagon studies showed that sixty four percent of all military women reported to have been subjected to some kind of sexual harassment" (Sherreow, 110). It's already difficult for women to defend themselves from the enemy attacks but now from men who are supposed to be on their side. The numbers of sexual assaults are hard to pin point because the crime frequently goes unreported. When women dare to complain, they face retaliation. The discrimination that involves their own colleagues stating, "Women don't belong in combat" (military draft para 1). Women have been utilized as servers, cooks and nurses. However, men believe that women should remain doing indoor duties or at home. "Women make poor soldiers because women are physically and emotionally weaker than men, they cannot fight as effectively." (Bender, 29). Showing otherwise, Joan of Arc successfully led the French troops into battle at age 17(

Leaving families is hard on women; due to the fact of the affairs in order of their children. Not knowing when they'll return to be reunited and safe alongside their families. Deployment is a hard word to hear in the military. Having to say their final goodbye to their loved ones and giving someone else their legal power to act on their behalf can be emotionally scaring. This is critical for the single parents of young children. "The human mind and body wasn't made to do repeated combat deployment without substantial time to recover," (, para 10). The military is not allowing enough time for soldiers to mentally recover from combat due



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