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Women's Role in Society

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In the past women are often granted distinctively different roles from men by the society, largely due to the physical and physiological differences between men and women. Generally speaking women are physically weaker than men, thus rendering them less capable of performing many physical labours which constitute most of the work opportunities back then when science and technology are not as advanced. Besides that, the gender inequality in the past also contributes to the traditional roles of women which confine them to home. Thankfully, the roles of women in the modern society have drastically changed and greatly expanded as women rights and gender equality are much more valued compared to the past in various aspects, particularly in the family and politics.

Being the caregiver of the family women are expected to play the role of bearing and caring for young children. They are traditionally involved in food preparation and house chores while excluded from physical activities which require strength and stamina. Traditionally education is not prioritized in women folks, particularly those who come from poor families. Women are instilled with the concept where the biggest achievement in their lives is to get married and be a good wife and mother. As a direct consequence of their low education, most intellectual and high ranking occupations are dominated by men. Mean while in the modern world, women still bear the role of caregivers in the family. The major difference in their roles lies in gender equality, which contributes to greater opportunity for women to receive good educations and thus able to compete in workplace for jobs which were once traditionally held by man such as doctor and lawyer. Being a good wife and mother is no longer the sole achievements in modern women's lives as they too sought after success in their careers.

Apart from that women conventionally do not involve in politics. They are often regarded as incapable of holding a position of authority as it is traditionally the role of male. Also their lack of education causes them to be oblivious and ignorant towards politics. Involvement in politics is not seen as responsibility of women in the patriarchal society. Some even sees it as an inappropriate behaviour which dishonours the family. Fortunately, such misogynistic prejudice towards women which degrades and underestimates them has reduced vastly in the modern world where women rights and gender equality are actively promoted. Women have become much more active in politics as they are better educated. Many women seek opportunities to take part in political activities as they yearn to contribute and play a role in deciding their countries' future. The existence of female prime minister and politician such as Yingluck Shinawatra and Hilary Clinton is a solid prove which shows that women are just as equally competent as men in the field of politics.

In conclusion the change in women's



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