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The Roles of Women in Puritan and Iroquois Cultures

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Essay Preview: The Roles of Women in Puritan and Iroquois Cultures

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The roles of women in Puritan and Iroquois cultures are very different because of household, farming, and political ideas. The Puritan women provide a numinous heaven within the home. They teach their children about the Bible and educated their children with reading and writing. They provide nurse and medical care for their children and husbands. "When a woman was married, she gave all her property to her husband." They attended church services. Women thought that they were lower class then men. Puritan women were limited from life at home. Women were judged as subjacent to men. In her poem, Bradstreet states, "If ever two were one, then surely we. If ever man were lov'd by wife, then thee. If ever wife was happy in a man." If two people get married, they become one. A woman can't make herself happy without a man. This idea is very disrespectful towards woman.

The Iroquois women were a lot more respected than the Puritan women. Women were given a lot of power. Their wisdom and skills were respected by the Iroquois society. Women owned the land and farmed in their family fields. If a Woman were to abandon their land, another woman was allowed to make use of it. They were also responsible for the political issues for the tribe. They grew crops such as corn, squash, and beans. These crops were called the "Three Sisters" because they believed that three spirit sisters guarded the crops. The Iroquois people believed that the Great Spirit guarded the crops. These food sources created the main supply for the Iroquois society. They also believe that these three crops had grown from sky woman's body. These women were more respected than the average colonial woman.

"To straighten me in my distress and not to leave me succourless." Both tribes had different spiritual beliefs when it comes to religion. The Puritan society believes that everything should be based on God. God decides for you. He decides how you think. If you have any different opinion you are going to hell. "The flame consume my dwelling place. And when I could no longer look, I blest his grace that gave and took, That laid my goods now in the dust." Bradstreet talks about how she thought she saw God and how it affected her. But at the same time, she respects the puritan beliefs. The Iroquois community believed that women were stronger and powerful. This idea came from their beliefs in the legend of the Woman who fell from the sky. "The Chief directed the sky people to dig the earth away from its roots. The Young Man was so enraged that, before the chief could stop him, he kicked Atahensic into that hole. Sky Woman landed safely." This was the beginning of the belief of sky woman and their beliefs of the opposite sex (women) are to be the leaders in this society politically, religiously, and family orientated.

Puritans were to raise well-behaved children. How children behaved reflected on how



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