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Women Case

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Arianna Hodgdon

Women have always had a very difficult time trying to break the barrier between being simple housewives to working women. This was very difficult during the time period of WW1 to the mid-1970's. During this time was a change for women, and a complete change on society's views of them. From the typical old pregnant-and-barefoot housewife, to a hard working woman in effort to make money - there was a very obvious change during this time as women were less viewed as objects and rather viewed as real, working people who wanted a change and equality.

During WW1, the idea of the famous Gibson Girl was still held strong as women worked hard. While still viewed as lesser than men, they still had that ideal type of a sporty lifestyle, who worked, and also took very good care of herself. By doing her hair in the average updo, wearing long dresses (no pants!) they were expected to be ladylike. They were expected to always be feminine despite working long hard hours at a shirt-waist factory or at any other job they did. As time went on, women fought for their right to vote. In the 1920's they got it, and were given the 19th amendment. Women were also allowed to drink and smoke cigarettes now.

As time progressed, the society view on women changed. Women were not very determined to work as WW2 came about and nearly rotated the spectrum. Women were now given the idea of Rosie the Riveter, a working woman with a flexed arm saying 'We can do it!' and they did. Women were stronger than ever and well respected for the most part. As women joined the services to be nurses or even mechanics, they just wanted a good outlook. While some still prefered the homelife, others worked, happily enlisting in to do something. Since society was mostly gone (men), women created their own idea of a real woman and adapted to it. When the men came back, that society still had the idea of a feminine women and that they stayed.

When the era of the fifties came along, the strong and powerful women idea bumped right back to a minimum. The ideal 'honey, i'm home!' technicolor dresses, pin curled hair and servitude to their hard-working-husbands was now the big idea. Society demanded well behaved and mannered women in and out of their homes. Otherwise, punishment was futile. An opinion was not allowed, and outspeaking was thoroughly looked down upon. It was almost a bounce-back from the powerful outspoken woman during the 1940's. Women were viewed as nothing without their ball-and-chains. The idea of women was to be simple, obedient, and not speak a single word against her husband. Perfection was the idea of society now, and perfect they had to be. Rosa Parks was a good example of a woman to outspeak against society by speaking up and doing what she felt was right during the Rights Movements.

1960's was



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