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Women Right

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There are people exclusively women who have had to endure the most brutal of punishment because they were born in the fifteen hundreds. Because in the year fifteen hundred was when slavery first got its name, and became the nightmare that all African American dreamed about. Slavery has been around for many centuries and until this day there is still slavery in the world. Women have been the heartbeat of the American civilization; they are what keep everything balances.

Just for a moment let's take a look back before slavers were formed. There was a time when African American could work their way out of a contact and be free to live among the citizens of the colony. In the sixteen hundreds these codes stopped slaves from working their way out of slavery to it being no matter way they do they would always be slaves under the law. The truth about women slaves was about to reveal itself. The laws of the land began to get stricter on slaves.

How they determine if a person was born slaves was the mother. For example if the slave owner had sex with a slave women and she was to get pregnant then the baby would be a slave this law was states in the slave's codes. These codes where given for all slaves but the women endure the most dreadful lifestyle then the men. These slaves codes where stricter and they were put into place to have more control for the men and women of their land.

The slave's codes stated that No slave could testify in court, except in a case involving another slave. It was illegal for a slave holder to work slaves in the field on Sundays, except as punishment or unless they were paid. Any slave who went away from his/her plantation had to have a pass. The slave had to show this pass to any white who wanted to see it. A slave was freed only by a will drawn up by the master or by buying their freedom from the master. (This was very expensive. Slaves could not make any kind of contract, including marriage. Slaves were not allowed to have weapons. It was illegal for more than a few slaves (5) to gather together away from home unless a white was present. No slave was allowed to preach, except to slaves on his/her own plantation while in the presence of whites. Any slave caught stealing could be whipped. It was illegal to teach slaves to read/write. It was illegal to give them books. It was illegal to cruelly mistreat or kill a slave unless the slave resisted. A child who had one slave parent and one free parent was free ONLY if the free parent was the child's mother. Slaves could not own property and, in some states, could not own animals. Owners were required to feed and clothe their slaves properly and take care of their sick and old slaves. Any African Americans who cannot prove they are free are considered slaves. Most cities had laws controlling



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