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Women with Shiny Hair and Perfect Skin

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Essay Preview: Women with Shiny Hair and Perfect Skin

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As you are walking through the mall there are many different types of stores. Most of them have some sort of display window where you can see what need that store may meet. So you are walking along looking at mannequins dressed in colorful clothing inviting you to come in the store to find a treasure that will make you look three inches taller and five pounds lighter. All of the sudden a small sparkle catches your eye, you turn around and come face to face with a giant picture of a gorgeous women with shiny hair and perfect skin. You are immediately lured in and all you can see are beautiful girls modeling the products that are within reach. After walking around for a couple of minutes you find something that you like and may want, and as you pick it up and you look up to the model showing it off you start envisioning yourself wearing it. All of the sudden you find yourself daydreaming and fantasying about how you too can be beautiful and have the shiny hair and perfect skin you've always wanted. After thinking about it for a couple of minutes you finally convince yourself that you need this item so you go ahead and go up to the cash register and purchase the thing that will make you look like one of the many models displayed through out the store. So what is the point of the story? you may ask. Well I am sorry inform you that the pictures of all the beautiful people displayed around the store are not only there to make the store look pretty. Yes, you may ask for the real reason why many companies use these attractive models to represent their products. The answer may come to you as a surprise, but just like you read above the models are there to inspire you, to let your imagination run wild so in your head you can create a list of reason why you need to buy exactly what they are selling. You find these pictures attractive so by purchasing what the model is wearing you are tricked into thinking you can look just as good as they do. Do you get it? Its all psychological, but that is why companies place pictures of gorgeous human beings around stores, so people like you can have a reason why to spend your money in that particular store.



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