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Working Case

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Working Hard

When reading Outliers created by Malcolm Gladwell he explains how people who are born during certain times can excel. He also explains that if you work hard that you can shape the world to anything you want. Gladwell gives lots of examples of people who are successful today like Bill Gates, the farmers in the rice paddies, and his mother.

Bill Gates as many people know him as the creator of Microsoft didn't get there over night. First he had to complete school like everyone else but he was lucky enough the mothers club put in a computer terminal. By doing this it allowed Gates to get the practice using a computer, then he went to information sciences Inc. where he did programming with some friends. Bill was so determined to use a computer that he completed his 10,000 hours in a short amount of time. Gladwell later explain that Gates was born during the correct years to become successful he was born in 1954.

The farmers in the rice paddies shaped the world in their own kind of was also. By getting up early in the morning and going to bed late the farmers also completed their 10,000 hours fast. These farmers would go into the paddies and weed around each stalk of rice that was growing. They would also plant three different paddies at a time to get more crops to grow so they could sell it. Hey farmers also pushed themselves compared to the western world, who would take off for winter the Asian farmers keep on planting this determination make the farmers strong so they can shape the world how they need too.

In the last chapter of the book Outliers, Gladwell explains how his mother had to push her way to make it in life. Gladwell explains that his aunt had a scholarship to go to college but his mother didn't, she had to get a loan which was a large amount from a Chinese man in her town. If Joyce Gladwell would have given up she would not have had the life she has today and she would still be living in Jamaica but with hard work and the determination to leave Joyce Gladwell left Jamaica to go to school.

Many times in life when you are faced with a problem you want to quit but you can't. With hard work and determination as Gladwell explains throughout the book Outliers you have to keep on pushing to achieve your goal. After reading Malcolm Gladwell interpretation on an outlier I believe even more before that "if you work hard and asset yourself, and use your mind [and] imagination" you can shape the world and be anything you want to be in life.



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