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Working Holiday Visa

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Working Holiday Visa which our country (Taiwan) has signed agreements with 8 different nations around the world.

First of all, we need to understand the meaning of Working Holiday. A lot of people misunderstand the concept, thinking it's just people who travel overseas and earn money. On the contrary, the working holiday visa allows the traveler a residence permit, which one can undertake employment for the purpose of supplementing their travel funds, or simply study.

According to studies, the main purpose for a lot of young people who applied the working holiday visa, was to improve their foreign language skills. Holding a working holiday visa enables them to experience living in a foreign country and to learn how to be independent. Due to the high unemployment rate and low salary, some university graduates apply working holiday visas that they can study for a few more months to improve their English, or work in other countries to gain more work experiences even earn some money for traveling.

In order to be a backpacker, you could get frustrated easily at the beginning, unless you find a job very soon. After that, you might have a good relationship with your colleagues or you could meet some co-workers with bad attitudes, it really depends on your luck. But, no matter what you have been through, you will definitely have a great sense of accomplishment when you achieve financial independence.

There have been some negative news about working holiday lately, but it won't stop people who wish to go. As for me, I wish for another working holiday opportunity in the near future.



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