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Working Mothers

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Americans sacrifice precious time with their child to bring home income, and provide them with the necessities of life. Enforced by American policies and laws, the matters of food, water, and shelter for a family are the only expected gains working parents have within a business-driven culture. Beyond necessities, the provision of strong bonds and relationships between parent and child-integral to a child's emotional and mental development- are lost. As parental attachment and influence decreases, and the amount of time children spend in non-parental care increases in America, children of working parent's exhibit lower scores in school. When a child is born, parents are not given an all-inclusive guide on how to raise their child. Parents may receive tips from doctors on how to ensure their baby stays healthy. Loving relationships are important for children in order to develop secure attachments and properly defined emotions. Economic status is one of the largest external influences on a child's development. The income of a parent or parents direct the quality of care and the quality of life a child has. However, gaining higher economic status does not guarantee better child development. Middle-income parents are creating their own aspirations onto their children to follow unrealistic development. When the children fail to live up to their aspirations, parents may become critical, overly directive, or even controlling. But when young children have mothers that exhibited low level of sensitivity to the child, more than ten hours of daycare per week increases the risk of insecure attachments to their mothers. Parent child interaction and daycare quality has a large effect on children. However, another important factor is the child peer interactions during a child's development. Children often engage in pretend play, and must work hard to determine how their play partners conceive the pretend roles and activies. These interactions take place when a child can interact with other children, such as in a daycare center or community. Furthermore a developing child needs social relationships, not only with their family other people to. It's not necessarily true that children should receive at home parental care. But loving your child and making a strong bond should be a parent's first priority. ("Children in america:," 2007)

Being a working mother

Women work because they have responsibilities to fulfill, like supporting their family. A lot of women work to be financially independent, because they do not want to live life with a struggle. Women will do anything to provide for their family, especially their children. But most women work to pass time because they do not want to just cook and clean, they want to be more useful. Mothers continue working because they have careers they have years developing. If these women stop working even for several months, they may give up some advantages that they have earned or risk losing certain career opportunities.

The beauty of being a mother involves a lot of sacrifices. As a mother you get to relive your childhood, things you use to do when you were a child; you can now do with your own children. Being a mother helps you a lot in the world today. It especially helps you with your job, because at work you have adults who act like children and who are unorganized. But by you being a parent you gained communication skills, self-control and patients to help you over -come all of that. Most children who grow up with working mother s become independent and take on a lot of responsibilities. These children know everything will not be done or handed to them. There will always be good and bad things about a working mother. But mothers should not question themselves about if their doing the right thing by working instead of staying home. Remember, being able to provide for your children is the best thing you can ever do.

When your child sees you doing something right, your child will most likely follow in your footsteps. Your children get to see you take care of them, the house and run off to work to provide for the family. By doing this, you're providing them with a good work ethic, and shows you can have the best of both worlds, working and providing for your children. Just because you work does not mean you're not a great role model for your children. Everything you do is best for your children and you. Actions speak louder than words. So be a good mother, and do whatever you think will inspire them.

Effects on the family

When a mother works long hours, and comes home tired she barely has time for her own family. A hard working mother finds it hard working between their job and their family, because she barely has time for a social life or time to herself. A job can have a strong toll on your life. You work long hours , doing things for your boss and coworkers , when you get home you will be too tired to do anything for your kids. If you want to make things easier for you, you should cut down your work hours, so you can have more time with your family.

Parent's work pattern can be a strong effect on their children's academic success and emotional development. One of the most important effects are from mothers who work fulltime when their children are under five years old. Preschoolers whose mothers worked full-time for average amount of time (18 months) had a 64 percent chance of getting A-levels in later life. A lot of children with full-time working mothers have low scores in reading and math on a lot of their test. A lot of these children tend to



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