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You Decide Mm552

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This week we had a scenario based activity called You Decide. We were asked to review the scenario presented, review proposals that have been submitted by the Marketing Directors of Grave Enterprises and provide an analysis on the consumer and business buying behaviors for cleaning product.

You Decide

After reading the Consumer Products Proposal put together by Joshua Edwards, Marketing Director of Graves Enterprises, I had a clear idea of who our target market is and who our competitors are. I really liked the idea of developing a product line that is safe, effective and eco-friendly. Joshua stated that by doing this, the company should net a 2X profit increase which, of course, is great news for the company; but the consumers may not be so happy to see the 1.5 increase for the cost of the product.

The idea of developing a private label that will sell at Wal-Mart and K-Mart is certainly a way of growing the market. I think it is smart to market the proprietary chemical; there should definitely be an emphasis on the fact that the product helps to reduce mold, contains Scotchguard, is hypoallergenic, and has a citrus aroma.

Trying to market the entire product line to other retail outlets is definitely what needs to be done to make sure that the company will gain a competitive edge and increase revenue. Hopefully, a website was already something that this company had set up because in today's society, a website is crucial to a company to increase business. Adding a feature that will allow consumers to purchase the product online is an excellent idea and also another great way to keep that competitive advantage. The company just needs to make sure that we keep this site "user friendly" because if the site is too hard to navigate through or understand, we can lose the business of the customer. I also suggest adding a 1-800 number that a customer can call just in case they are having problems and not able to make the purchase online, or if they have any questions that they need answered before they make the purchase.

Overall, I think that Joshua Edwards did a good job in his Consumer Products Proposal. I think his ideas were ones that could very well be beneficial to growing the marketability of our product. The only obstacle that we may run into, of course- as I said before, is the raising of the price of the product. Maybe just trying to get our name out there by participating in some eco-friendly activities and letting everyone know that we are now trying to promote a safer environment could aid in getting more consumers on board to buy this product without being so disgruntled about the price increase.

Looking at the Commercial Products Proposal that was presented by Rena Morales, I liked the idea of continuing on with the same plan that is already set up for the schools, retail and office buildings.



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