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Why You Decided to Enroll in College

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Essay Preview: Why You Decided to Enroll in College

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In the 2006, I graduate high school in the Taiwan. I supposed to go to college in the Taiwan but my mother wanted me to come to the United States for college. I came to the United States in 2006 in the summer, I gave up the college in Taiwan and came over to lean a new language and going to American college. In Taiwan, not everybody can go to college because government system does not pay for. Some families do not have money to support some children, who only graduate at junior high. I am happy I have opportunity to come to America to study. when I was child, to go to college is has always been my dream. I decided to enroll in college because I want a better life, be more responsible to myself also having a chance to get the better jobs. I want have more knowledge to be able to help other people, make good money support parents. However, in this day most company required education, the high education you have, and the more opportunity you are.

To begin with, when I came to America, Clovis is my first location; I went to ESL class in the Clovis Community College. I was unhappy because I have to learn a new language and to get used to Clovis environment. To learn English is the biggest challenge for me because English is my worst subject when I was in the Taiwan. I am only Chinese student in the college so nothing is exciting for me at all. I cannot communicate with people because nobody understands me. The language becomes my biggest issue also I feel my accent embarrassed myself. Sometime, I am trying to make friends and all I can say is word by word. I quiet going to school and applied for a job. I am very lucky I got a job at Cannon Air Force Base without language issue. I am working full time and I enjoy the money I was making. I started making friends also my language is getting better. In my job, I have to communicate with people, and for some reason I communicate with old people very well. I like to call those old people grandpa because they are nice to me; even though they are not my grandparent but I thought was nice to call them grandpa.



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