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Young Mind Vs Young Body by Collin A.G.W

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Essay Preview: Young Mind Vs Young Body by Collin A.G.W

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When one is presented with the prospect of being able to retain their youth throughout the duration of their mortal span; surely only a fool would deny this indulgence, but when this condition would apply to only the body or the mind is when one must rightly begin to ponder. None would question the fact that a strong, youthful body may accomplish a great many things; but without the sapience and sanity of a clear mind what use would it be to possess the body of a young man? We would become mere beasts, fueled by only our hunger, thirst, and the other basic needs of the animal. In essence we would become a shell housing a blank mind, need becoming the very pathways of our thought. Then, when one begins to look upon the other hand they begin to realize the torture of confining the mind and all its faculties inside a frail, forgotten shell. Well some would find comfort and perhaps even happiness in such a prison, quietly unraveling life's mysteries in such solitary embrace, I surely would find no solace in such incarceration.

This dilemma of youth is one not easily solved, however if it were to be forced upon me to make a decision I certainly believe I would choose to retain a fresh, young mind over the vigor of my physical vessel. I often find myself entranced in thought, as we all do, perhaps attempting to decipher the inner workings of a machine, or meditating upon the social conventions and workings of our society, curious about all things. Curiosity is the most basic and primal urge of a sapient and sentient mind. How could I possibly satiate this ancient thirst if I were essentially an empty shell? Possessing no more intellect than that of a common dairy cow,

forgotten and alone as I walk towards the slaughter. I would much prefer to watch my body eroded by times ethereal sands, and sit in silent agony as it does so, than to give up the very essence of my humanity.

Now it would seem that this great dilemma lies resolved; however I would like to state that I would prefer neither option. I would much rather prefer to gracefully descend into my old age, mind and body and body slipping into senility together in sweet ignorance. In this ignorance I shall not fear death, for eventually the reaper man will come for each of us, and I would prefer the corn be ripe before his blade reaches my stalk.



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