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Young People and Their Problems

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Everybody has some problem, but young people - especially the teenagers have the hugest quantity of problems, I think.

The teenagers know, what they want - they want to be the most beautiful, the most interesting and the best. If they reach, what they wanted to, then they're happy, kind, they're in high spirits and they're keep smiling. But if they don't reach, what they wanted to, they're out of humour and they don't know, what to do. Very often they look for something, what helps to forget, but only for a short time - an alcohol and drugs. But it isn't the best solution. Nowadays young people's problems are different, for example drugs problem. A lot of young people get involved with abuse of prohibited substances very often these days. This problem often goes with meeting new people and joining bad company. Does the person who dopes realise that the people are bad? He is glad that he has friends and he wants to fit in the company. Family problems. The family, most of the time, is the children's biggest influence. If there is an uneasy atmosphere at home, it can affect us in a wrong way. People that are not happy at home move away early or find friends that can help them to feel better. Another solution how to escape is to be alone in your own room and spend time reading, watching TV or playing computer games. A big part of young generation is not satisfied with their relationships. Many are in trouble because they are single. We often need someone who cares about us and who we can talk to. It can be a good friend or someone from the family.

Finding a boyfriend or a girlfriend is not always a final solution of our problems. Falling in love brings happiness but sometimes also craziness. We can start doing things that change our way of life. If we don't care about our friends, we can lose them. School problems- We are stressed with passing our exams, preparing for tests and evaluation of our knowledge. It is not always easy to do our hobbies and be also good at school. Our parents expect excellent results from our education and can often be disappointed



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