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Young People Are Our Future

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Young people are our future. They will be our leaders and the ones who, by their actions, will decide if we have a peaceful or warlike society. Petra Kelly, in her essay Nonviolent Social Defense, calls for our country to renounce our warlike ways, disband the military, and teach peaceful ways of conflict resolution. If this were to happen, it would be the beginning of the end for the American way of life.

We teach our children that they should be nice to each other. This is good training for them so they can function in a peaceful society. The only reason we have this society though, is because our military is guarding our borders, providing protecting to us. A nonviolent world is conceptually wonderful. The whole world getting along and everyone working toward the betterment of humanity should be the goal of all people. Unfortunately, reality steps in and we see that even if our country attains this utopian vision, other countries in the world are still out there, unchanged, waiting for us to let our guard down.

Kelly writes, "Wars will end when people refuse to fight" (498). This is a true statement, but relies on all nations agreeing to stop fighting. This is not likely as all nations have needs and wants and they must all be satisfied if fighting is to stop. Most nations do not have all the resources they need for their country to survive and, if they could just walk in and take those resources, they probably would. This is where peace could possibly lead.

My vision of a nonviolent, military-free, country is much different from Petra Kelly's. It would start out innocently enough. We would renounce our warlike ways, declare peace, and drawdown our military. Other countries would say nice things, but they would be upset because we cannot defend them and would begin plotting to take us over. Another country, let's say Canada, would come in and begin the takeover. Their military would pass through our borders with no resistance. They would start on the east coast, probably New York, and work west until they get to our nations Capitol, where because of our lack of military, they easily take over. Canada just doubled in size! Other countries would not be much help.

They would protest and give speeches saying how terrible it is, but since we disbanded the military, they will say we brought it on ourselves. Since it was Canada, they will say it was a border dispute and we should solve the problem ourselves. This will demoralize the American people and lead them to believe they have no one that will help them. While the other countries are debating, Canada will have begun moving troops all over the country, focusing on large cities and areas high in resources. Along the way, they will be plundering and raping, as all conquering nations seem to do. This will anger the American citizens and they will begin active resistance.

"Independent, resourceful, freedom-loving



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