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The Objective is for everyone in the organisation to understand the strategy and specifically how and what they are doing will contribute to overall delivery.

It must measure performance in real time, and it must offer an integrated sales and marketing capability and approach.

The strategies to focus on:-

* Create marketing communications strategies to increase patronage & generate revenue.

* Developing a new brand position, brand essence and culture

* Define a clear vision, brand and strategy - so that there is clarity of understanding across the entire staff and continuity in the way in which the hotel projects itself.

* Redesigning collateral look & feel to reflect brand values

* Target CBH core demographic & develop activity in each bar / revenue steam specifically for those markets

* Covert predominant beverage drinking mentality to a food sale.

* Developing and building a CBH Loyalty program so we can communicate with our patrons and up sell not only marketing events but brand offerings / cross sell.

* Engage our sponsorships that provide positive brand reinforcement for Coogee Bay Hotel and promote our community involvement and spirit internally and externally to our consumers.

* Develop and Implement a PR strategy to increase awareness of Coogee Bay Hotel's brand and communication both internal and external in the community. Rebuild Brand trust and loyalty via PR.

* Create additional revenue streams for the hotel - Eg: Merchandise / On Line

* Assisting Brasserie to increase food sales as a percentage of revenue

* Developing unique, exciting promotions and events which Coogee Bay Hotel will be known for

* Re-develop intranet to improve staff communications and access to internal information

* Ensure marketing / Sales activity is measurable where possible and evaluated for success.

* Elevating our community role - not just to be donors, but active contributors to the Coogee Bay community. PR ourselves as proud fundraisers and drive sponsorship via staff commitment.

* Listen to our customers - ensuring that we understand their needs, wants and reasons for them to come back!.



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