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“chiefs Release Kareem Hunt”

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Essay Preview: “chiefs Release Kareem Hunt”

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                                “Chiefs Release Kareem Hunt”

A little over a week ago, on the first of December, Kansas City’s professional football team let go of their running back; Kareem Hunt.  The top-notch athlete was released from his contract due to a controversial incident which occurred in February of this year.  The incident depicted by reporters as well as a surveillance camera illustrates assault from the player towards a few friends after a drunken night out. More specifically, the event is exacerbated due to presence of the victimized female within the footage, grasping the attention of a media driven society and throwing all logic out the window.  After viewing the video, many fans including myself disagree with the decision to release Kareem Hunt from the team.  Kareem Hunt was an outstanding running back for the Chiefs and statistics support that.  The Chiefs currently hold a record of eleven wins with only two losses and are playing exceptionally well in contrast to previous seasons of not making the play-offs.  With such an encouraging season, it makes no sense as to why they would release such a crucial player over such a small issue.

Kareem hunt signed with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017 under a contract which has since been revoked.  Since that contract, Kareem Hunt has proven his spot in the National Football League, while breaking many rookie records in the process. In other words, the running back has been a very good investment for the franchise.  With all the players contributions to the team’s late success, the organization extended minimal gratitude for his hard works.  Kareem Hunt deserved a second chance from the Chiefs.  The organization has had knowledge of the incident since it first happened in February.  The surveillance video showing Kareem Hunt along with his peers was publicly released right before the decision to cut the play from the team.  This clearly brings suspicion to why the organization felt the need to release the player. Once the

video was released, news reporters and media were able to exaggerate the happenings to fuel their hunger for publicity.  This is blatant when comparing the descriptions from media to the police and their reports which are held by law for accuracy and honesty.  With the general public choosing to believe media references the chiefs chose to save their public image over the success of their football team.

        The decision to release Kareem Hunt was a very poor move.  It seems as if the Chiefs took little time in considering the consequences of their decision.  The Kansas City Chiefs have proven themselves as a weak team in previous years.  Despite their past misfortune, they are guaranteed a spot in the play-offs this year with a high probability of a championship.  With either view you hold alliance with, the organization chose to jeopardize such a great season by letting loose of their top rusher.   Kareem Hunt has led the stats for offensive rushing yards this season, followed by the quarterback.  Kareem Hunt was an offensive threat within the game.  He worked in unison with the team and made them much stronger.  I strongly disagree with the release of Kareem Hunt from the Kansas City Chiefs and believe that the organization owes him a second chance.



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