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"clothes" by Chitra Divakaruni

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Essay Preview: "clothes" by Chitra Divakaruni

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Libraries date back to 1900 B.C. or earlier and have been widely used since. Archeologists have found over 30,000 clay tablets in Nineveh. These tablets have provided the world with the information of how well developed the earlier civilization had been. Today, with technology things are much different. To find a book only takes a click of a button. Libraries have expanded for the better. (A library is a place where many types of resources are available. Resources used for reading, studying, and for references.)

There are different types of libraries. Some are private or personal and others are public. Public libraries will be discussed here. In these libraries a wide variety of books or collections are available. For the convenience of the reader, we now have the technology of electronic books. Using the electronic books offers the reader the access of dictionaries, summarized versions, interpretations, and more, all within the book. Libraries have extended services by providing librarians not only within the building but also online. This service has made reading, studying, and whatever is needed much easier to obtain. A wealth of knowledge has been made available with the click of a mouse.

People have gone to the library to study for the quiet environment and the many resources cataloged for years. But with the faster pace of lifestyles now, having the option of clicking online has made the wide range of resources much easier to find. The wide variety of digital tools has met the needs of fast paced living. Audio books are another example of how technology has advanced. These audio books are used by not only the hearing impaired but are listened to while we go about our day to day living. You can listen to a book while driving or even while doing the dishes. Technology has made reading easier and more convenient for everyone.

Students are forever writing research papers, interpreting stories and poems, and searching for references. All of which can very time consuming. With the technology of internet libraries providing these services, the students have an easier time collecting the information needed. Students at times forget the process for research papers. Correctly citing, proofreading and making sure all the t's are crossed and the i's dotted can be exasperating. The online library provides services used to assist with ensuring this is all completed correctly. Tutors are even available online to assist the students with math and English! All are at the tips of our fingers with digital tools.

Libraries are a part of history that has evolved for centuries. Today, it is amazing how far they have grown and we have grown with them. Digital libraries have made life easier for students such as providing for taking more classes, providing time for working more or spending more time with our children. Online libraries give students



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