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Proposal ?for? Clothing Recycling Event

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Essay Preview: Proposal ?for? Clothing Recycling Event

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Clothing Recycling Event

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Project Director: Proposed starting date: To be agreed

Proposed duration of project: Three months

Submission Date: 27 February 2018

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Executive Summary                                         3

  1. Introduction                                           3  
  2. Client Requirements                                    3 
  3. Proposed Solution                                      4

3.1 Recycling Concept                                  4

3.2 Corporate Social Responsibility                        4

3.3 Expend new clients                                  4

3.4 Promotion                                         5

  1. Personnel and Project Management                         5
  2. Schedule for Implementation                              5  
  3. Costs                                                 5

Appendix                                                  6  

Executive summary

        Our company need to increase market share by expanding new clients. The purpose of the event is to utilize social responsibility to increase exposure indirectly. Our company holds clothes recycling event can catch customer eyes. Let new customer buy our product to experience our selling point, which is high quality and fashion. It is first step for new customer to be our loyal customer.

The objective of this proposal is to demonstrate how old clothing recycling event can attract new customer base to increase profit. The successful element is coupon and social responsibility.

The old clothes recycling event let customer taking the old clothes to exchange the coupon. Through promotion, let more customer understanding our recycling concept.

The main benefits may be summarized as follows:

• reinforce customer loyalty

• expand new clients

• guarantee high profit

1. Introduction
        During January of this year the manager director asked project manager to submit a business proposal within the budget of HKD100,000. It is about holding the clothing recycling event in the shop to exchange the discount.

The company has been established since 1971, various aspect's performance has ideal and the main margin came from clothing shops. With the rise of online retailer recent years, the retail industry in a fiercely competitive market. Although it has certain loyal customer, the performance of the clothing shops last year was mediocre. It indicates that the main problem is smaller market share than before. Because of more competitors, customers are more alternative lead to less market share.

The purpose of this proposal is to how demonstrate the clothing recycling function can meet the requirement of the company in term of profit, customer loyalty and new clients.

It is necessary to build the brand awareness to expand the new clients. To attract new clients, we should imbue new concept with them. Also, our company has large supportive teams to do with this project, such as transport fleet and place.

2. Client Requirement

The selling point of our clothing shop is high quality and fashion, but it is common on market nowadays. Therefore, we should effectively use of our company resources to sell the new concept, which is recycling. Recycling concept is a hot issue on society, so it can be successful to catch the new customer base eye. It is a way to protrude than the competitors. In addition, it can increase the media exposure due to achieve social responsibility.

To achieve low cost high benefit, we should utilize our company transport fleet and shop to progress the project. Our company has 10 shops on urban district, which has high foot traffic to spread the event. Also, our company has powerful transport fleet to complete the last step of event. So, it is important to practice this project to expand the new clients.

This proposal describes a clothing recycling event that will:

• reinforce customer loyalty

• expand new customer base

• guarantee high profit

Our company has stipulated the event should be completed by the end of June 2017.

3. Proposed Solution

The project proposed is called Clothing Recycling Event, which holding on the shop mainly. The event through collects clothes to exchange coupon to increase customer desire. The collected clothes will send to the organization regularly to achieve social responsibility.

  1. Recycling Concept

        In our every shop, we will set up the area to collect old clothes and exchange the coupon. Starting from March, we welcome every customer to bring (the most 10) old clothes. It can exchange the 10% off coupon directly to buy our shop products. After the process, we will call up our transport fleet to pick up the clothes every three days. And then, sending it to Salvation Army Organization (see appendix 1). The position of our company is a middle channel to achieve recycling concept.



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