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Direct and Digital Marketing: New Subsciption of Women in Uk

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1. Executive Summary

The Economist is one of the most popular and old magazine that deals with the news. It is a weekly publication and it has subscribers from around the global. The company always focused on creating a marketplace that will target the users of all groups to read and gather knowledge from their wide variety of services. However, the brand has failed to establish a market where the men are women will participate equally. The number of women subscribers quite less compare to the number of male subscribers. The company is now targeting to reach to more female subscribers. They aim to focus on digital and direct marketing to achieve the desired goal. The purpose of this paper is to create a strategy that will be helpful to achieve the desired objectives by using the direct and digital marketing strategy.

2. Direct and Digital Marketing 

Direct and digital marketing deals with the marketing strategy with electronic delivery of appropriate communications to particular recipients. Direct digital marketing uses different kinds of digital services such as email, mobile services and websites in the similar method that helps market to participate physically the entire world with postal service. Here, the group focused on the subscription of more women. Basically, this subscription rate of women will be increased from 29% to 40% by the end of 2017 in UK. It is not only the process of gender balance, but also it is a good strategy to attract the customer to the market. Additionally, the economy of UK may be solvent more by more participation of women in the market.

Direct marketing is a publicizing procedure and type of advertising that objectives a gathering of clients or prospects with the point of affecting/urging them to take after a game-plan. Coordinate marketing can be through an assortment of channels. Digital marketing is the advancement of brands and advertising of administrations and items through an assortment of computerized media channels, some web and others non-web based. The Economist emphasized more on direct and digital marketing, because products are more fashionable and attractive looking in the online and customers can get it easily. It believes that it is a smart strategy to promote networks among customers.

Digital marketing is not simply one or more promoting channel, which can be overseen in the very same path as others. Advanced marketing requires new methodologies and an alternate comprehension of the way that the computerized client carries on. There additionally extraordinary financial gatherings for computerized clients (which have a tendency to be more youthful overall). Client division can be especially valuable for advanced clients and help with deliberately engaged marketing efforts. An advanced client will work in different ways, e.g. through an online application, by means of an Internet searcher, by means of web-based social networking, and so on. The Economist believe that these channels are very extraordinary to customary channels like standard mail and require singular information of how each works before marketing can be effectively attempted. Basically, they help the promotion of market channels in an efficient manner. They are emphasized on the web and non-web networks to promote revenues in UK.

Cases of web based computerized promoting channels are:

Internet searcher promoting:

 Pay Per Click (e.g. Bing Ads and Google AdWords), this is a type of paid promoting which is served through different regions of the web

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this is utilized to drive positioning changes naturally, without the need of paid promoting, e.g. content advertising methodologies

 Web promoting – paid publicizing over an assortment of strategies, e.g. standard/show adverts, in-App publicizing, PPC (as specified above), online networking promoting, and so on.

 Web-based social networking marketing – this is another type of natural promoting using online networking destinations and systems, for example, Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Yelp and YouTube

Cases of non-web based computerized marketing channels are:

 Applications – many organizations promote through a scope of downloadable applications

 Computerized show publicizing (e.g. football stadiums and roadside adverts)

 Cell phones (counting SMS and MMS)

A wide assortment of different types of computerized media:

The best approach is by and large to utilize an assortment of advertising channels to deal with a business. Promoting divisions need to arrange point-by-point battles over the medium-long haul, which benefit as much as possible from the advertising spending plans accessible (Shaoolian, 2017).

3. Creative Ideas

Direct advertising is an extraordinary approach to create quantifiable reaction and genuine outcomes. The test lies in emerging from the masses of different advertisers who are likewise utilizing this type of marketing to reach focused on prospects. Creative ideas of the Economist may influence advertising strategies to boost the subscribers in the campaign. Creative ideas for Economist to promote are described below:

Invitations to take action

The essential preface of direct marketing is reaction and requesting the request runs with the region. Critically, proposes a recent report, email advertisers who request the readers more than once can accomplish better outcomes. The Economist think that the email advertisers incorporate at least three suggestions to take action in their crusades are best as indicated by the review. Extra procedures that produce comes about: welcoming beneficiaries to connect


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