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Digital Marketing Practices and Sales Anlysis with Ballyhoo.Today

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Essay Preview: Digital Marketing Practices and Sales Anlysis with Ballyhoo.Today

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A Study on

“Digital Marketing Practices and Sales Analysis with

Live Intuitions” Bangalore, India

Submitted By:


Registration No: 16010221018

Under the Guidance of Prof .  PRASANNA MOHAN RAJ

In partial fulfillment of the course – Industry Internship Programme – IIP in semester II of the Master of business administration (batch of 2016 - 2018)


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Master of Business Administration

Industry Internship Programme (IIP)


This is to declare that the report titled “Title “ A Study on Digital Marketing Practices  and  Sales Analysis ” has been made for the partial fulfillment of the Course: Industry Internship Programme (IIP) in Semester II by me at Live intutions (Ballyhoo.Today) under the guidance of  Prasanna Mohan Raj .

I confirm that this report truly represents my work undertaken as a part of my Industry Internship Programme (IIP). This work is not a replication of work done previously by any other person. I also confirm that the contents of the report and the views contained therein have been discussed and deliberated with the faculty guide.

Signature of the Student                             :

Name of the Student (in Capital Letters)        :    CHETHAN NC

Registration No.                                      :     16010221018

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Master of Business Administration


This is to certify that   Mr.CHETHAN NC  Regn. No.   16010221018 has completed the report titled Title “ A Study on Digital Marketing Practices  and  Sales Analysis with Live Intutions”under my guidance for the partial fulfillment of the Course: Industry Internship Programme (IIP) in Semester II of the Master of Business Administration.

                                Name of the Faculty Guide:   PROF. PRASANNA MOHAN RAJ

                            Signature of Faculty Guide:






 Executive summary




Internship work started with live intuitions technologies pvt ltd - “Ballyhoo Today” it is an application based real time and location based platform, where company is in food and beverages industries, where the food and drinks offers/deals will keep on changing, which makes customers to get best deal available in market. My internship started with understanding of Ballyhoo platform completely so that I could analyze how this F&B industry works in real time market and learned effective points of brand awareness.

After a week I started analyzing business models of close competitors with various articles and website and tried to differentiate our platform and understood how our platform is differentiated from competitors

Our merchants were located all over the Bangalore so I started listing above average (package 900 for both) restaurants using  Zomato website which is the pioneer in free listing which helped me a lot in getting accurate contact number, location, price for both and etc. Then I started calling merchants in fixing meetings, follow-ups and finally getting contract signed.

Marketing Ballyhoo Platform         

Brand ambassadors: visited college distributed coupon codes in order to increase app downloads, reviews in play stores and I stores.

Partner merchants : ballyhoo offers coupons given to merchants to distribute to their customer to get more and more downloads and to get reviews.

Digital marketing for Food and beverage  merchants

Social media Management( Facebook ,Twitter, Intagram)

Sales for F&B merchants

On boarding F&B merchants: Meeting and presenting the ballyhoo platform and digital marketing service to the merchants for online commission based sales and digital marketing promotin


In my report we will find the details about the company in digital marketing and sales analysis. During the internship program, I mainly worked on sales where i will be rewarded fixed and commission based appreciations. The main intention of this internship was to get in a practical exposure of sales platform and to apply and to know how far theoretical aspects of the studies were help me out in getting sales and shockingly results were good I got better exposure where books cannot thought me. This internship report covers some of the important aspects which are basically related to sales of digital marketing technology to merchants. In the end the learning and experiences from the company in the course of the internship was really helpful and will surely help me in the longer run.

Firstly, I have created market awareness virally so we targeted on student work force in selected colleges and I made them to download, made them to write review. We provided coupon code for the students with a fixed cash backs for per download.

Mean while I had given task for creating brand promotion on customers so we distributed cash backs coupons for bookstores, malls, super market and etc. which will be further promoted by these peoples in behalf of Ballyhoo Today. These are the broad two gateways which we used for promoting our app, and thankfully we also get succeed in these ways.



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